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  • Bose wireless headphones aux cord - lightning cable for bose headphones
    Bose wireless headphones aux cord - lightning cable for bose headphones

    A good DAC is the easiest way to upgrade your headphone experience (assuming you already have good headphones and a good source). Unfortunately, there are many people who will never experience the sound improvement of a DAC because they don’t know what to buy. We’d like to help with that. To learn more about DACs, here’s a good place to start: What is a DAC? or our post on using DACs and AMPs with computers. Here are 3 incredible DACs under $200 that will make a huge difference in your listening experience. The Best USB Amp/DACs Under $200: 1. AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier Good for: Super portable, crazy performance, MQA, harder to drive headphones Audioquest is best known for their premium cables that can run into $1000s per meter. They have taken their expertise to the world of DACs and developed what we think is the ultimate sub $200 audio upgrade. You will be able to hear the difference the DragonFly makes instantly. It’s just a bit larger than a USB stick and the DragonFly Red brings huge performance for its size. It works with any Mac or PC computer and also works with Android and iOS phones (you have to buy a dongle for both). SPECS Plays all music files: MP3 to high-res Compatible with Apple and Windows PCs, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices (requires Apple Camera Adapter or Made for Android/OTG adaptor) Drives headphones directly Fixed output feeds preamp or AV receiver Asynchronous transfer ensures digital timing integrity High output (2.1 volts) drives almost all headphones, including power-hungry models 32-bit ESS 9016 DAC with minimum-phase filter Bit-perfect digital volume control

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