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    The Good The S4’s voice trigger grants users access to most of the speakerphone’s functions without physically touching the device. "What can I say?" command practically eliminates the need for an instruction manual. Imported contacts’ caller ID info is read aloud when receiving a call. Bing-411, Vlingo, and BlueAnt app integration, as well as A2DP audio streaming, extend the device’s functionality. The Bad The S4 lacks a built-in voice dialer, so if the paired phone doesn’t have its own voice dial system (e.g. Android), calls must be manually initiated. In louder vehicles, the S4 had difficulty understanding our voice commands. The Bottom Line The BlueAnt S4 delivers good call quality and, with its voice trigger system, increased vehicle safety. However, it excludes many popular handsets from its true hands-free claim by not including its own voice dialer.

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